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Property investors with rental potential

If you are looking for a property investment to earn you rental income Sweet Homes is your ideal business partner. As you may know not all properties have the same rental potential. Sweet Homes will assist in acquiring high rent ability properties.

We can help you choose your property, analyse and put in place the best techniques for a rental property. With regularity we have groups of investors looking for property, making offers and purchasing property with high rental potential.

We generate a rental income plan for you

This process begins with a meeting between investor and our property manager, together they will determine the investment period, expected rent ability and financial control.

We then present you with a portfolio of personalised properties that reach your criteria for investment, rental rates and running costs. Once we find the ideal property for you we are in a position to make offers on your behalf always respecting your budget.

Once an investment is made we can set up regular meetings to analyse the performance of your investment.

Together we will continue to thrive to implement strategies to maximise your income.

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